Indiegogo Campaign Launching March 31st

On March 31st we will be launching our first Indiegogo campaign and it is the final step in our long post production process. Perks for donating to the campaign will include the film as well as t-Shirts, posters, signed jerseys, dinner with the director as well as other suprises. We are hoping to raise the funds to pay for color corrections, sound mix, archival footage, graphics, and license music, all necessary to finish the film. Jiàoliàn [Coach] is also a non-profit being supported through the IDA meaning any donations (above the perk price) are tax deductible. 

Crowdfunding has become a indispensable financing tool for today's documentary films. More than an injection of cash, it helps build a community of support around a project. Without your help independent projects like this wouldn't exist so please help us by sharing this campaign by text, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, email and whatever hot new thing people are using. 

Stay tuned and check back on March 31st for the link!